Protect Your Business Email with Mail PRO: Compliance and Advanced Security

Protect Your Business Email with Mail PRO: Compliance, Advanced Security, and Key Features

Written by M. Catalin Cardei, on Sunday 25 June 2023, in the category Web hosting

In a world where data security and regulatory compliance are paramount, Mail PRO stands out as a comprehensive solution to protect and manage business email. With a wide range of advanced features and functionalities, Mail PRO offers robust protection against hacking risks while adhering to the highest standards of security and privacy.

Compliance and Security Certifications:

Mail PRO strictly adheres to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), ensuring compliance with European Union privacy regulations. Additionally, the European data centers used by Mail PRO are certified with ISO 27001, an internationally recognized standard for information security management.

Key Features and Functionalities:

Webmail Access: Mail PRO offers access through an intuitive and user-friendly web interface, allowing users to access their email from anywhere, on any device.

Centralized Signature Creation: Mail PRO simplifies the creation and management of centralized email signatures, ensuring a professional and consistent appearance in all outgoing messages.

Centralized Contacts and Calendars: With CardDAV and CalDAV protocols, Mail PRO enables centralized synchronization and management of contacts and calendars, facilitating collaboration and team organization.

Integrations with Zoom and Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync: Mail PRO seamlessly integrates with Zoom, allowing users to schedule and join meetings directly from the email interface. Furthermore, compatibility with Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync enables efficient synchronization of emails, contacts, and calendars on mobile devices.

Advanced Security Protection:

The Mail PRO Security service provides both active and passive protection to ensure comprehensive email security for businesses.

Active Protection: Mail PRO safeguards mailboxes against any malicious materials targeted at email addresses, preventing external threats from infiltrating the system.

Passive Protection: Through specific and configurable security policies, Mail PRO enhances the security of company mailboxes, reducing the risk of attacks and data breaches.

Other Highlights of Mail PRO:

Mailboxes up to 100 GB: Mail PRO offers ample storage space, ensuring users can store and access their emails and attachments without restrictions.

Creation of Domain and Mailbox Aliases: Mail PRO allows the creation of aliases at both the domain and mailbox levels, facilitating communication organization and management.

Enhanced Security with DKIM and DMARC: Mail PRO utilizes protocols such as DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail) and DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance) to ensure authenticity and integrity of email messages, reducing the risk of identity spoofing and forged emails.

Maximum Score in Mail Delivery: Mail delivery through Mail PRO achieves a maximum score of 10 out of 10, guaranteeing high delivery rates and a lower likelihood of messages being marked as spam.

Full Migration and Technical Support:

Mail PRO offers a complete migration service that ensures a seamless transition of all emails from the previous provider to Mail PRO servers. Additionally, a highly skilled technical support team is available to provide assistance for any inquiries or issues.

In summary, Mail PRO is a premium business email solution that offers compliance, advanced security, and a wide range of key features. Protect your business against hacking risks and trust Mail PRO to ensure the security and confidentiality of your electronic communication and business data.

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Written by M. Catalin Cardei, on Sunday 25 June 2023, in the category Web hosting