M. Catalin Cardei

M. Catalin Cardei

Written by M. Catalin Cardei, on Thursday 24 October 2019, in the category Our Team

    Experts say that the best autobiographies must be written in the third person. Well wow! I am not yet an expert in writing autobiographies, so no third party today.

I am a novice at writing, but "slowly and with good handwriting" I will do my best to avoid showing my "weird" Eastern accent, so I ask you to be benevolent.

During the almost 40 years of my life I have gotten enough "material" to write a few comedies and some occasional drama, but today I will share a "short" autobiography.



    I am inspired by people like Tony Robins, Steve Jobs or Warren Buffet. I believe that technologies like AI and blockchain will help us improve the world.

    I'm such a technology geek that at the airport checkpoints they freak out with what I carry in my backpack.

    Apart from Romanian, English, and Spanish, I also speak html, css, javascript, php, c# and many other languages. I try to learn all the frameworks that I like and apply agile methodologies, my code is like life itself with many branches and commits and also some occasional bugs.

    Sometimes I am emotional and also somewhat bipolar, often I question the same thing as long as two days or two nanoseconds. I like physics, astrophysics and electronics and I can spend many hours writing code without getting up.

    I have a few Arduinos and I open my Macs like they are old Radios. I love my family and I like to help my friends.

    I found success the same day I stopped looking for it and  I feel unstoppable ever since.


More about me


    My name is Catalin Mircea Cardei and my friends call me Cata, I was born on May 18, 1980, in the city of Bistrita, in the north of Romania. The place known as Transylvania, is the heart of the Carpathian Mountains and the most legendary region of Romania, a land colonized by Romans, Slavs, Mongols, Saxons, Tatars and Huns. When visiting its picturesque landscapes, its castles and its citadels you will undoubtedly feel as if you were in another era.

   Since March 20, 2000 I have lived in Spain together with my wife Alina with whom I married in 2001. As a result of our love, the life has blessed us with the best gift, our daughter Aurora Iulia, who was born on March 27, 2007 in Albacete. My only sister, 4 years older than me, Simoneta Cardei, or “Aunt Mimo” as my daughter calls her, has also lived for a few years in Spain.

    Since childhood I have been attracted to technologies, especially computers and programming. I still remember when my parents bought me the first computer, it was the spring of 1986, I was barely 6 years old. It was a CIP computer, a Romanian clone of the ordering Sinclair ZX Spectrum, quite difficult to obtain at that time since Romania did not get rid of the dictatorship of the communist regime until the end of 1989.

    I spent long hours sitting on the living room floor with that “magic box” connected to a cassette player and the only black and white television in the house. Sometimes, making the "magic box" work was quite frustrating and before you could do anything you had to load the Basic from a tape to then be able to enter instructions or load some other game that you saved on a tape, as if from a treasure it was about.

    In those days we were somehow forced to learn to program since the only interface you saw when you turned on the computer was a black screen with a blinking cursor, waiting for you to write instructions.

    It was 1986, in a country suffocated by a communist regime, where all information was censored and the food shortage had reached its peak. I remember with great emotion how in the middle of the night, covered with a blanket, my father tuned in with his old radio to the “Radio Free Europe” station that was broadcasting in Romanian, in long waves from somewhere in Germany.

    It was one of the few sources of objective information in communist Romania that undoubtedly lived in a tense atmosphere of fear and mistrust. Many were those who risking their lives and like my father fled the country, but that is another story.

    In 1998 I obtained my bachelor's degree and then I entered the University, the Faculty of Informatics but I left after the first year and the following year I left Romania in search of a new life. Since then I have not stopped learning and training in everything related to computers and digital marketing.

    Like everyone else, in life I went through happy and sad times, I had small successes and learned a lot of my many failures. I am too perfectionist and many of my projects have never seen the light of day because of those little details that did not allow them to be perfect projects.


Want even more?


    Just a reflection: A few years ago I started to spend a good part of my time reading, meditating and looking for answers to the existential questions that one asks when talking to himself.

    All this made me transform my perception about the journey through life and suddenly I learned to be happier. I became a vegetarian for almost 2 1/2 years and lately I am trying to eat only vegan food. I do it mainly because, by not participating in animal abuse, it makes me feel better as a person and it also helps me stay more active and positive.

    I had heard and read a lot about how "the crisis of 40", how it can change your life and now that I am approaching that age, I realize that it is not quite like that, since lately I have discovered that some persons have experienced in their 20s, and even earlier. How lucky!

    It is the wisdom that will change our lives forever, the true one, based on truth and knowledge and the one that seeks the true progress and well-being of human beings and other life forms on earth.

    These days it seems like everyone is talking about how difficult life is. We often hear: "This is bullshit" or "The world is bullshit" ... Perhaps each of us is guilty that the planet that houses our lives suddenly seems so miserable and hostile.

If you don't like something ... Don't complain, change it!
Your power is infinite and can Change the World.



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Thanks for reading the article. M. Catalin Cardei
Written by M. Catalin Cardei, on Thursday 24 October 2019, in the category Our Team