The "Perfect" Strategy to Grow Your Business in 2020

The "Perfect" Strategy to Grow Your Business in 2020

Written by M. Catalin Cardei, on Thursday 23 January 2020, in the category Strategies

Es algo mas que Marketing Digital, Es tu Negocio

     CARDEI.STUDIO is a cutting-edge digital startup that operates at the intersection between design, technology and marketing, providing tangible commercial solutions, focused on obtaining the commercial growth you are looking for for your business or personal brand.


What do you need to achieve the desired growth?

  • Strategic concepts that are realistic, but ambitious.
  • Strategic roadmaps that are feasible at the marketing, technical, and organizational level.
  • Comprehensive strategies: from business perspective to technical architecture, from product development to market positioning.
  • A technology partner capable of executing and delivering viable solutions that match the pace of your organization.


How do we help you?

     Our company is so small that you can enjoy a friendly, close and personalized treatment and at the same time, large enough not to go unnoticed.

We work along three intertwined paths:
Design, technology and digital marketing.

     We focus on development and protecting the long-term strategic vision to achieve coherence in our efforts.


#1. Design


The first brushstrokes.

     We care about all aspects that influence the quality of a project, and we leave our soul in each one we undertake.

      We believe that minimalist design is the most powerful tool, capable of solving problems and improving people's lives and we use it to build or redefine your brand and communicate its new visual language.

      With that radically customer-centric mindset and the power of design, we'll begin to take the first brushstrokes creating customer interactions, internal processes, and systems that serve as the foundation for the next level of our collaboration. We help you select the right tools and solutions to continue winning the hearts and minds of your clients.


The essence of "less is more".

     Today, this phrase has become very important thanks to the concept of minimalist design, increasingly present in all aspects of our lives.

      Without losing sight of this concept, we will begin to develop your brand strategy and build your corporate image, helping you to transmit effectively and honestly the values that it defends.


#2. The Technology


An agile and exceptional approach designed for the highest performance.

     This is where we are going to make a difference by giving you a strategic advantage, merging two of the main categories of our services: software development and web hosting.

We are fans of "High Performance".

     A key factor that will work in your favor is our ability to develop efficient and secure software from scratch, designed to meet the needs of your business.

     Our custom web developments have very good results since they are designed from the first moment to adapt to your brand and the needs of your business, instead of trying to adapt your brand to a template.

     Not depending on a pre-designed platform allows us to choose in each project the infrastructure that best lends itself and as a consequence it will determine the programming language or the type of database to use. We can choose between the classic PHP + MySQL duo, Angular and Firebase DB or any other combination.

     In every project we pay close attention to all details related to performance and safety. We optimise the cache levels to the maximum, we minify the HTML, JS and CSS content of each server response, we distribute the static content through several servers using a globally distributed content delivery network (CDN).

     100% customization, greater control and flexibility against changes, less vulnerable and much more "high performance".

     Another key factor in your favor has to do with our web hosting service. Unlike many other agencies we do not host your website in any third party hosting. We ourselves are the hosting. We rent infrastructure from the best Cloud Computing providers and configure all our servers from scratch, controlling all aspects from the installation of the operating system to networking, monitoring or backup.

    Each project receives all the necessary security layers such as the secure HTTPS connection and we install the SSL certificate, we add layers of protection against all types of attacks and we configure the Nginx or LiteSpeed ​​server with efficient firewalls, we optimise the cache at the server level and protocols such as HTTP / 2 or file compression.

    If necessary, we can configure load balancers to face traffic surges and distribute requests among several servers, maintaining authentication sessions between all nodes.

    Although we also offer standard performance web hosting services with cPanel and all the functionality that it brings, they are our 100% managed Cloud VPS, which together with custom development, CDN and other optimisations will propel your project towards success.

     We take care of all aspects of the web infrastructure: domain registration, email servers, shared and VPS servers, SSL certificates, network load balancers, IP addresses, Firewalls, databases, security, etc.


#3. Digital Marketing 


The magic of Marketing that just works.

    We accompany you throughout the process. An adequate strategy is not enough. We will help you turn your digital ambitions into achievements. Increasing digitization continually creates new opportunities and channels to better reach your audience. We guide you to define the right path and help you turn valuable digital opportunities into sustainable results.

      Once all the implementations are finished, the main work has not yet started: successfully placing your project in the desired market and exploiting it is the next task to tackle. With a multidisciplinary team and a full arsenal of tactics, we make sure to meet and even exceed your goals.


The winning combination.

     We carry out and adjust all the "SEO on page" on the fly and create quality content by designing personalized infographics or writing persuasively so that the text that appears on your web page, drives your ideal client to take the desired action.

      We take photographs of your products and all the necessary content for social networks or marketing campaigns, respecting the criteria of your corporate image and your brand.

      We redirect quality traffic to your website using pay-per-click campaigns with Google Ads, Facebook and Instagram Ads and we consolidate your brand image with campaigns through influencers.


Committed to results.

     Every choice we make will be guided by our values and motivates us and increases our desire to produce tangible and measurable results.

      We won't rest before we actually get things done. It is an attitude that we are obliged to have, not only towards our clients but also towards ourselves. We want to establish a long-term relationship with our clients and this can only be achieved by delivering results, time after time.


Consult us without obligation

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Written by M. Catalin Cardei, on Thursday 23 January 2020, in the category Strategies